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Mid-air emergencies, a $40 million jet and the FBI: A 'surreal' career in the sky

On a high shelf in a Far North Queensland home, a box labelled 'aviation memorabilia and uniforms' has — until quite recently — remained largely undisturbed.

Meet Joey, the eight-foot-tall environmentally friendly robot

Most people store cars in their garage, except Joe — he has an eight-foot-tall robot made entirely from recycled parts.

Shrinking leg space makes it harder to brace in emergences: expert

"They want to get more passengers in. That means it's harder to assume the brace position.

What is the known earthquake history of the ACT?

If you've ever driven around Parliament House, you may have spotted the remnants of several large earthquakes.

Nepal's first female helicopter captain Priya Adhikari describes life on top of the world

These mountains also call to some of the world's most capable and courageous helicopter pilots — Priya Adhikari is among them.

Rainbow Christian Alliance: What's it like to be a Christian and part of the LGBTIQ rainbow family?

"I always felt a bit trepidatious about walking into a church and having to explain myself."

Artificial intelligence: Australia falling behind as businesses fail to embrace AI

Despite Australia "punching above its weight" in artificial intelligence (AI) research, the country is failing to embrace the technology in the business sector, according to an expert.

Wildlife carer Meg Churches describes what life is like in 'the bat world

"Sometimes they have a little snore even, or they might make little squeaky noises, or you can hear them squeaking on their dummies. So, that's really cute."

Can your pet help save a life?

Vets save lives everyday, but did you know your cat or dog could be an everyday hero too?

Feeding cows seaweed could slash global greenhouse gas emissions, researchers say

Seaweed could hold the key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, one cow burp at a time.

Dating around the world: The good, the bad and the ugly

Online dating websites and apps like Tinder have opened a portal to an entirely different universe, and single people are going on dates with individuals they'd probably otherwise never meet — or even want to!

Kids discover native mistletoe, bush tucker and Indigenous culture in Canberra

Kissing beneath a mistletoe is a notable festive tradition, although stand beneath a native mistletoe in Australia and you might hear someone yell: "Snotty gobbles!"

Meet the surgeons of the art and literature world at the National Library of Australia

Imagine handling objects worth millions of dollars and, on the rare occasion, smeared with the blood of a former US president. It is all in a day's work for a conservator.

Blackbirding history uncovered in unmarked graves in north Queensland cemetery

Unaware of the history lying beneath him as a child, Starrett Vea Vea used to ride his push bike across the bare grass near an old cemetery.

Christmas around the world: Diplomats reveal how they celebrate the festive season

What does Christmas mean to you?

It is a question that 666 ABC Canberra has asked a number of foreign ambassadors, high commissioners and embassy staff this festive season.

Seed dating: Canberrans branch out in the search for love

In the world of seed dating you can expect to get down and dirty with a partner within the first six minutes.

Photographer captures wisdom and ageing beauty of rural women

While the tropical town of Carmila is quite the contrast to Toronto where Ms King grew up, it is in these rural surroundings where she came up with the idea for a project called the Resurrection of the Crone.










When crocodiles have run the family business for three generations

Climbing onto the back of an enormous crocodile Rob Bredl excitedly exclaims: "I hatched this one out of an egg 30 years ago!"

Living next door to the deceased: Rugby league coach reflects on father's funeral business

A little bit of black humour goes a long way — particularly when death helps run the family business.

A warning to new mothers: cold sores can kill

A newborn baby girl's death may have resulted from a cold sore and her mother is determined to warn others of the dangers and save lives.










Athlete scores a balance between work, life and diabetes

Fans don't always see is what Tami's life is like off the court, juggling a career, a family and type 1 diabetes.










Eungella farmer lives and breathes his best garlic crop yet

There is a strong smell coming from inside Terry Crowther's shed - it's a scent that the Crowthers know all too well.










Rodeo rider bucks all limitations and finds solace in working dogs

If a dog is in fact a man's best friend, Steven Elliott is in luck - he has nine of them.










John Pickup reflects on almost 60 years in radio

As the afternoon sun seeps through John Pickup's dining room window, the sheer excitement and warmth in his bright blue eyes light up as he begins reminiscing about his career in radio.










Attitude overcomes disability for Mackay recycling agent

Ryan is not like most people. He is autistic, legally blind and has cerebral palsy. Despite having these disabilities he has never let them get in the way of running his own business.










97-year-old Torres Strait Islander shares the secret to long life

97-year-old Nolear Ramsamy is currently the longest living Torres Strait Islander in the Mackay community and she says the key to living a longer life is through fishing.










Turmoil in Zimbabwe leads police officers to reunite in north Queensland

Unbeknownst to two police officers originally from Africa, they would one day find themselves working together in a town more than 12,000 kilometres away.










The art of creating false teeth

Surrounded by false teeth, Bunsen burners and the strong smell of acrylic are three men who enjoy making smiles for a living.

Lucky Keizer's motorbike showcases WWII plane engine

If the loud rumble of Lucky Keizer's motorbike does not catch your attention, the sight of its engine certainly will. 










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